Infrared Sauna Therapy Palm Beach Gardens

Sweating has been a popular and effective health therapy for thousands of years. It’s a natural aid in burning off calories, protecting our skin from dirt and pollutants, helping our bodies fight against infections, healing sore muscles, rejuvenating our cells and so much more.

The irony is that we don’t want to work up a sweat to get all the health benefits that sweating provides!

And what if you’re unable to exercise due to an injury or other reason?

There’s an easier way.

At Eden Skin World we recommend the use of our Infrared Sauna Treatment which can do wonders to help heal your body, mind and soul by detoxifying your body by sweating, but without the need for pumping iron!

Here are some incredible additional benefits an Infrared Sauna can have for your health:


Detoxification strengthens the body’s immune system so it can help fight diseases and also aids in proper essential functions such as digestion.

Detoxification has also been shown to be helpful with symptoms of colitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, immune deficiencies and other ailments.

Infrared sauna treatments can also help the condition of your skin by eliminating unseen bacteria from your pores and increase circulation, which can result in softer, smoother skin that radiates a natural, healthy glow.

Infrared Heat for Relaxation

Life is so hectic these days between family, work and juggling never ending commitments. We forget how important it is to schedule time for ourselves. This is where Infrared Sauna therapy is the perfect chance to take some ‘me time’ and set aside 30 minutes at Eden Skin World to treat yourself to some much deserved rest and relaxation.

You’ll not only feel better, but it will benefit your family as well to have a more relaxed, less stressed, healthier version of you.

Pain Relief

If you’re suffering from body aches and pains, infrared heat quickly gets deep into tense, stiff and sore muscles for the ultimate in healing relaxation. Infrared sauna therapy stimulates circulation in your body so you can achieve pain relief more easily.

Weight Loss

Did you know that using an infrared sauna can aid in your weight loss goals by causing your core temperature to increase, which helps to burn fat? Heat has traditionally been a weight loss method for centuries with such methods as steam rooms, Turkish saunas etc. Sweat it off without lifting a pound!

Improves Circulation/Blood Pressure

Blood circulation is vital for our health and well-being. Infrared sauna therapy stimulates our circulation just as other physical therapies do. This helps to drain toxins from the body as organs are stimulated to help detox.

It is also clinically proven to increase blood flow and lowers blood pressure.

Wound Health

Scientific research has concluded that infrared therapy greatly enhances the skin’s healing ability by promoting faster cell regeneration and tissue growth to repair wounds and prevent infection.

Excellent For Brain Function

When you spent time in an infrared sauna, your brain cells are triggered an activated to help achieve improved mental health, helping you to remain sharp and responsive, something we all need to keep on top of the game!

To recap here are the major health benefits an Infrared Sauna can provide:

  • Detoxification
  • Fibromyalgia relief
  • Relieves colds and flu
  • Heart health
  • Relaxation
  • Weight loss
  • Pain relief
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved circulation
  • Skin purification
  • Wound healing
  • Cell health

If you ever been in a sauna then you know just how rejuvenating and invigorating a good sweat can be!

You may also find your energy levels increase, you may drop some weight, feel less stressed, sleep better through the night as well as a whole host of other benefits linked to the ones above.

Come visit us at Eden Skin World and experience the Infrared Sauna for a well deserved 30 minutes of YOU time.

Call us today to schedule your appointment.